Mellonae Mumford

Mellonae Mumford


Like most of us, Mellonaé Mumford didn’t have the luxury of a formal financial literacy education growing up; nor was she born with a silver spoon in her mouth. When she went off to college, she racked up massive credit card debt and because she didn’t have the income to pay off the debt or the knowledge to know how credit works, she essentially ended up with bad credit at an early age. She literally thought that she would have bad credit for the rest of her life.

When Mellonaé became a working adult (and with her mother in her ear) she realized that she needed to get her finances in order. She began using a budget, balancing a checkbook and learning about how to increase her credit score.

Overtime she began to feel a sense of empowerment because her credit score was increasing and she was beginning to get offers for credit again. She knew that so many other people could benefit from what she had learned.

Mellonaé is on a mission to increase the knowledge of financial literacy, credit education, and personal finance in her community. She enjoys helping people, especially women, correct their past financial mistakes and get them on the path to financial freedom and debt-­free status.

As the owner of Credit Revive, Mellonaé has helped her clients get bankruptcies, late payments, judgments, and other mis-reported negative items removed from their credit report in as little as 60-90 days. Working with Mellonaé, you’ll find that she is Compassionate, Honest, Inspirational, Confidential, Knowledgeable and Ethical. She’s excited to know that she is able to take part in the process of changing her clients’ lives.